Thesis help? Please “Teens shouldnt drink alcohol “?

Thesis help? Please "Teens shouldnt drink alcohol "?Hi, for my persuasive essay I am writing about "Teenagers shouldn't drink underage" My topics are going to be the ;dangerous affects why teens do it in the first place.being take advantage of [doing stupid things]and the risks of drunk driving..any thesis ideas? and If I'm writing a persuasive essay? Do i write informative information?

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  1. uncoaxable says:

    You should be asking your TEACHER what he/she wants. In fact, I bet they TOLD you and you weren’t paying attention. Do you have any written materials: prompt, outline, list of what to include in a persuasive essay? If you don’t, then either you have a lousy teacher, or you are a lousy student.

  2. demonian says:

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