English essay ideas please?

so i have to do a essay for my english, no more than 1500 words and its just any story. i was thinking a short ghost story or something like alice in wonderland where theres a girl who thinks shes in a magical world but at the end she found out shes actually dilussional and everything is really just her imagination. but i cant decide also if there are any other ideas. needs to be answered quickly coz its due monday, thanks x

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  1. cellarage says:

    Magical worlds are usually good for story ideas. You could also do a magical / mythical story where witches, dragons, unicorns or something are involved.I like your idea about being disillusioned, but you could also make it a dream? ***************************You could write about a girl who is at school, last year at high school, and is talking to her friends about this guy she likes. Then she gets knocked over somehow, unconscious, and you could write the main part about her imagination within her unconsciousness. Like she is getting married to this guy, or breaking friends with someone. Then when she wakes up, everything is either bad, because she hasn’t married the guy, or good because she hasn’t broken friends after all.

  2. didelphian says:

    I say take that idea and run with it. Sounds fair to me.