French revolution essay….Levée en Masse !*!HELP!*!?

I'm doing a essay on the Levée en Masse, during the French revolution and i have absolutely no idea how to start and what to talk about...Help?

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  1. undizened says:

    When the French killed their king it offended all the other European monarchs who declared war to the new Republic. To face that war the French government had no other choice than to recruit all the men they could put their hands on as the French army was in a shamble with all its officers (who were all noblemen) either fled or killed. This is called the mass levy, when it was declared that all men of a certain age had to serve the Republic in the army, becoming the first French national conscription. That ragtag army was very bad at first but they learned quickly and by beating the enemy at the battle of Valmy turned things round and the enemy was then pushed back.

  2. subteraqueous says:

    Levee en Masse represents a dramatic shift in European warfare up to that point. In the 18th century, nation states fielded relatively small, very professional armies of well drilled troops. This was the so called age of ornamental warfare, in which armies were used in an extension of politics; they were the final tool after diplomacy failed. Levee en Masse ushered in the age of total war, in which a society focused all of its efforts on ultimate military victory. In the narrowest sense, levee on masse was the conscription of all able bodied men into the military in times of national emergency. It came about in France during the revolutionary period, as she was at war with virtually all the major powers of Europe at once. But it represented in the broad sense the total involvement of all of French society in the war effort. Women would sew uniforms and bandages, children would collect salt peter from manure piles for gunpowder, old people would give speeches to inspire the soldiers, etc. In this way, all of France was united in the single cause of victory, and was able to overcome her enemies for years.