Why Is Brutus Necessary to the Conspiracy to Assassinate Julius Caesar?

I'm trying to write any essay and I need to know why Brutus is necessary to the conspiracy to kill Caesar. It would also help if you read The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. Please answer quick, its getting late...:(

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  1. tomasina says:

    If you browse through a few of the many online study guides and other resources for this play you will get ideas for your answer to this question. Here are a few links that should help you. Best of luck with it.

  2. calpers says:

    Ok, the short answer is that Brutus is highly respectable and a seemingly neutral party, as WELL as a former close friend of Caesar. Without him, it looks more like a violent overthrow.But with Brutus involved, it seems like a necessary act. The public is to assume that even Caesar’s closest friend realized he was a danger to Rome. It gives the murder of Caesar more credibility. It is less of a conspiracy and more of a necessity.Brutus is also the only one left with any political power who would be able build up public outrage.In terms of the play, having Brutus betray Caesar is incredibly dramatic and intense. So there is a lot of emotional power Shakespeare utilizes from this action. In addition, there is an element of fate involved. Brutus was destined to betray Caesar (Caesar is warned by prophesy, beware the Ides of March).This also echoes the betrayal of Jesus by Judas, so there are religious implications that Shakespeare’s audience would have been aware of. Hope this helps. Don’t wait till the last minute next time. Ask your teacher for help. That’s what they are there for.

  3. nasseer says:

    The conspirators need Brutus because he really is what Antony later calls him ironically: an honorable man. His participation in the conspiracy will lend it respectability. For that reason, they have to convince him that Casear’s death is a necessary sacrifice fo rthe common good. The spite and envy that motivate the rest of them would never do for him. Even Antony, once Brutus is dead, acknowledges that he, and only he, took part in the conspiracy out of noble motives.

  4. she says:

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