I have to write an essay for school about an alien landing on earth on earth on the year 2110.?

the alien finds a box dating 2010 that contains 5 items that represent the year 2010.(that is all info given) what 5 items would be a good choice to pick? please help ASAP

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3 Answers to “I have to write an essay for school about an alien landing on earth on earth on the year 2110.?”

  1. nonintegrable says:

    Starcraft 2. he probably wont even get to the rest before his brain explodes from awesomeness.

  2. guillen says:

    dunno ipad

  3. chagrin says:

    An iPad, a Droid phone, EMINEM’s Recovery CD, a pair of 3D glasses, and a package of Silly Bandz, of course.