What can I add to my Romeo and Juliet essay? Please help?

Its about the power of love in the play Rmeo and Juliet Loves power had a huge impact in the play Romeo and Juliet. Anger, fights and drama occurred during the play because of Romeo and Juliets deep love for each other. Love can cause people to do irrational and unorthodox things, as in the play. At first sight Romeo and Juliet Fall in love with each other without knowing that they are from rival familes. Romeo and Juliet are unwilling to live without the other and Shakespeare uses the lovers to explore the hidden love within their families. The power of love between Romeo and Juliet was so strong that they both killed theirselves in order to be with one another. When Romeo was told that Juliet was dead Romeo went to the apothecary to get poison, to kill himself and be with Juliet. When Romeo found Juliet he drank the poison and died. However Juliet was not dead and when she awakens from her sleep she found Romeo’s dead body. When she found Romeo dead she was so sad and heartbroken that she decided kill herself. I find it really sad how they felt that that killing themselves was the only way the feuding of the Montagues and Capulets would stop. Romeo was constantly risking his life for Juliets love because he was banished from Verona for fighting Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo and Juliet still continued to be with each other but If Romeo was ever caught in Verona or with Juliet he would be killed. Juliet had the choice to be in a relatonship with either Paris or Romeo and she still chose Romeo even though he was banished. the problems of Romeo and Juliets love life were huge because of the animosity between the two families, who don’t want the both of them in a relationship together. Juliets father hates Romeo because he is from a rival family. Juliets father wants her to find a new man to be with and the day before her wedding she ran away to her uncles house. She would eventually decide to marry the man her father chose but he died and she ended up marrying his son. After the deaths of both Romeo and Juliet their familes made truths and stoped being rivals. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet also brought both of their familes together. The love between Romeo and Juliet is an innocent love. It was extremely non-sexual and there was no jokes made regarding their sexual activity.

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