College essay on discrimination-does it have to be racial?

Please write an essay (250-300 words) describing a personal experience facing or witnessing discrimination, and reflecting on its impact on your life.I don't think I have ever been discriminated against in a way that would truly impact my life. but I used to be goth-ish. People would stare me and my friends down a lot and even insult us to our faces. Would that count as discrimination?

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  1. landimere says:

    Discrimination does not have to be RACIAL. My first awareness of discrimination, other than racial,was in the Navy. Back in the 60′s, military people ran into discrimination frequently. We were a bunch drunk, womanizing baby killers. There were signs reportedly in Norfolk, Virginia, “DOGS AND SAILORS, KEEP OFF THE GRASS.” Parents didn’t want their daughters to date sailors. In some places, you showed up in uniform, the price of certain things went up. Age is also a factor in discrimination…young AND old. “Can’t trust those young people. They’re not reliable.” “Can’t trust those old people, they forget things.” Then, don’t forget SEX discrimination. Where I work, there are 4 women and me. Guess who gets all the dirty, heavy work. And I’m 60 years old! All but my supervisor are younger than I (she’s a few weeks older). Even in the military, there is discrimination between specialties. Techies and non-techies, ‘grunts’ and office pukes…on and on. Of course a lot of it was good natured, because when it comes down to it, we always ‘look out for our own’ in the military, regardless of what branch.(USN. retired)

  2. woodnote says:

    No, it can be socio-economic, status, or personal.For example, some individuals may have a personal preference for a certain region of the country or a certain state. Best wishes!Additional: Yes, people staring down at you, just because you expressed yourself as “goth” is a form of personal discrimination. They were labeling you like in middle school and trying to make negative assumptions about you without even knowing you.

  3. ballot's says:

    I would absolutely suggest you write on that, but be sure to back it up with properly cited references to better strengthen your argument. Your teacher is probably expecting people to write about racial discrimination, so your paper will stand out because it’s different.

  4. squirrelling says:

    College papers are mainly graded on content and the individuals actual research and most especially on originality. Start here: [external link] what REAL discrimination of REAL college students is today and more importantly exactly what REAL college students actually are doing about it.Then you’ll have something instead of a bunch of left wing feel good phony baloney BS.

  5. dprintf says:

    Tons of different discrimination. Yes Gothic examples that affected you are great. Sexual, age, IQ, occupational, disability, southern, religion, all are examples. Enjoy this assignment it can be fun and you will learn alot.Weight and height also. Way too much weight controversy going on.