Essay Help! How do I reword this Thesis statement!?

My thesis statement needs to be something to the effect of :"Telling the truth from the beginning, prevents problems later on"- However that sounds like CRAP! And i am extremely tired from work and have no idea how to make this sound better!Please help A.S.A.P this Essay is due in just a few days! Thank-you (please and kindly)

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4 Answers to “Essay Help! How do I reword this Thesis statement!?”

  1. pentalogy says:

    First for the small detail: you don’t need a comma in the middle. Moving on to more pertinent points: Very often, a thesis will include some indication of what the supporting points will be, so you can tack that on to the end: “Telling the truth from the beginning prevents problems later on, which can be seen in school life, work life, and personal life.” (or whatever you’re focusing on)Alternatively, add to the beginning: “Even though people often cringe at admitting a failure or giving honest criticism, telling the truth from the beginning prevents problems later on.”

  2. missouri says:

    Well, you haven’t mentioned the grade or class, and you don’t need the comma after beginning. Judge Judy always says” If you tell the truth, you don’t need a good memory.” I like that one.

  3. canaday says:

    It depends on your writing level. Try using something like:Preventing future problems and conflicts can be as easy as telling the truth.Future problems could be solved before hand by simply telling the truth.

  4. lanital says:

    Being truthful is most beneficial when told from the beginning. A lie begets a lie. The more lies you tell, the deeper you dig yourself into a hole.