What is a good attention grabbing title for against teen curfew!?

I have this essay thing due in school and i dont have a title. im doing against teen curfew! andd what r some creative against teen curfew titles! noo dumb ones please!thankkss

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3 Answers to “What is a good attention grabbing title for against teen curfew!?”

  1. Cumbrian says:

    Teens just want to have fun.On the advantages of lifting curfews for creating self respecting self controlled teens.Teens gone wildTick tock, its teen o’clock.

  2. fLrexec says:

    Let me think like a liberal progessive here; give me a moment to get into character…Personal Rights without lights.Sorry bout as best I could do without waising too much of my own time.

  3. rab says:

    Improving teenage responsibility