Are the words mom and dad supposed to be capitalized in an essay?

I don't really remember from school when I was little but when writing an essay and talking about your mother and father are you supposed to capitalize it?

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7 Answers to “Are the words mom and dad supposed to be capitalized in an essay?”

  1. upraises says:

    if its your own mom and it is a title call her Mom if you are talking about a mom its just mom same with dad

  2. postmod says:

    Only when they are being used as a suubstitute for their names. Example:1. I asked Mom what I should do about my homework. (Capitalized.)2. I asked my mom what I should do. (Not capitalized. Note the use of “my” before mom. That’s how you know not to capitalize.)

  3. analyzes says:

    If you mean “mom” to refer specifically to your own mother, in place of her name, then yes. “Mom said, …” or “I told Mom…”. But if it’s a less direct reference, then no: “I told my mom…” or “Her mom said…”Although if you’re writing an essay, you might avoid the words “mom” and “dad”, which seem a bit informal and not very academic. In that case, it would just be “my mother,” “my father”, etc.

  4. JEANENE says:

    Just capitalize them if they’re in the beginning of the sentence. You don’t have to capitalize them throughout. Ex. Mom and Dad went to the store. My dad didn’t have a good time.

  5. lqmagic says:

    If you say “My mother” or “My mom” it’s a small m, but if you are using Mom as a name, you capitalize it. “You know Mom is coming home soon” — Mom is used as a name. But, “Your mom looks young for her age” — mom is no used as her name.

  6. unpuritan says:

    One only capitalizes those two words if they are being used as substitutes for proper names or are part of proper names. For example, in the sentence: “I told Mom and Dad about my adventures during the first few weeks of my stay in the college dorm,” Mom and Dad actually have taken the place of the proper names of two individuals, who might just as well be named Betty and Fred or any other duo of names. However, if one said: “I related the story to my mom and dad,” those two words have now become common nouns and no capitalization is needed. So, it doesn’t make any difference whether the words are used in an essay or any other type of written piece. The manner in which they are used determines when they are capitalized or not.

  7. naranai says:

    Yes if you are using it as their name. ie, My Mom and I went to the store. My Dad and Mom were talking about divorce. when not to would be, is that your mom over there?