Most significant events that happened since 1945 that helped the US become the nation it is today?

I have to write a final essay for my history class but i am not sure where to start. Here's the prompt: "The history of our nation tells us that every action taken against the freedoms of conscience and expression, against equality before the law and equality of opportunity, against the ordinary men and women of the country is an action taken against the American Tradition. And it tells us that every action taken for a larger freedom and a more equal and spacious society is one more step toward realization of what Herbert Croly once called 'the promise of American Life'"-John F Kennedy I am suposed to write about how well or how poorly the United States has lived up to the American tradition, have we made progress toward "the promise of American Life"? i have to support my opinion with specific EVENTS, ACTIONS, ACHIEVEMENTS/FAILURES AND PEOPLE from 1945 to the present. That is a large time line and can't really decide what historical events to use, what do you guys think have been some of the most significant events that happened since 1945 that helped the United States become the nation it is today? it could be good things and bad things that taught us a lesson or something.Thank you guys! :)

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  1. jazyges says:

    Make a list of all important events – culturally and politically in the US. And the effects these had abroad too.Or pick what you think was the most important factor. E.g. the end of the Cold War, the assassination of MLK, Cuban Missile Crisis, death of Marilyn Monroe. You can make a case for anything if you argue it well.Show cause and effect, a balanced argument with a beginning, middle and conclusion is hard to argue with.

  2. swami says:

    Here are some important events:LBJ’s Civil Rights Act 1964 – OMG! Black and Female rights up the wazooTet Offensive – Sapped American moral during Vietnam War, realized LBJ was lying about war progress. Distrust in federal government.Watergate Scandal – Resulted in Nixon’s Resignation, distrust of Federal Government.Nixon’s Recognition of China – Established Diplomatic Relations with China for the first time.Nixon’s SALT and Detente with Soviet UnionOPEC Oil Embargo in 1973 – GAS PRICESMikhael Gorbachev – Mid 1980s, became Soviet President – Arguably the reason for the Cold War’s end in the late 80s/early 90s.Persian Gulf War – Perhaps GW Bush continued his Father’s War with the War on Iraq, intending to punish Saddam? 9/11 – Self explanatory