What do you tell your professor when they ask you why you chose not to apply to a certain grad school?

My prof who's writing me a letter of recommendation suggested I apply to one school in particular but I decided not to because honestly, they wanted WAYYY too much stuff for the application and I didn't feel it was worth all that effort (they want 3 different writing samples, a really long statement of purpose, 3 different letters in addition to forms filled out, a student profile essay, and the entire application is due a whole month before others) . All the others I'm applying to only require 1 statement of purpose, 2 letters of recommendation and SOME require just 1 writing sample). I found it too much of hassle for a school that isn't even a "top" school, so I decided not to apply. She just sent me an email asking me what my reasons for not applying to the one she suggested, so what should I say?

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4 Answers to “What do you tell your professor when they ask you why you chose not to apply to a certain grad school?”

  1. suchman says:

    “Mind your own business.”

  2. impressionalist says:

    Depending on where it is you could say it is too far from home. If you can’t say that you could say that you’ve talked to your family about it and they don’t want you to go that that school. If that doesn’t work you could say that you were really busy getting all of your other applications in and just didn’t have enough time to get that one in. You could also pull a personal card saying something like an ex of yours goes to that school and would not make your life good if you went there too.

  3. gullion says:

    I agree with the first guy or you could just expain that it’s to much bs for you to bother with

  4. fumaroidal says:

    I’d be more concerned about the fact that you want to go to post-college, graduate school but find the application process too time-consuming or difficult. It’s grad school – can you really not find it within yourself to take it seriously enough to complete these steps? I’d also be more concerned about the fact that you can’t seem to find a diplomatic way to tell your professor you’re not interested in his/her school. You could tell your professor the truth just for the fun of it to see what happens to your letter of recommendation for any other school!