What is the overall theme of the book, Great Expectations?

Hi, i have to write an essay on the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, and i need major help. This is the essay prompt: During his illness, Pip sums up the lessons he has learned when he realizes that "My great expectations had all dissolved, like our own marsh mists before the sun." Interpret some of the lessons he has learned. Explain what you believe to be the overall theme of Great Expectations.

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  1. buttstock says:

    pip does a good deed knowing that the circumstanses are ominious.regardless he helps the criminal that is being sought after.when he helps him incredible good fortune is bestowed on him.he thinks it is this rich old lady,and her grandaughter.he has a love affair with the grandaughter.he is an artist,and very good.it ends up that the criminal used his wealth,that he had hidden,to help pip get his art seen.dickens is great never pass up his books.i am a blue collar worker,and have read all the classics.

  2. crappy says:

    i believe it is doing a good deed for someone you dont know but want to help.

  3. heterochromatization says:

    The theme is about what the true essence of nobility really is and that is what comes from having inherently an inherently noble and compassionate heart. That’s something money can’t buy.

  4. fBchkey says:

    Great Expectations was widely popular and was riddled with many of the themes that fascinated Charles Dickens throughout his literary career. He was drawn especially to social justice and to commenting on the inequalities inherent to Victorian society.There are a number of other themes as well.From Shmoop/Great Expectations