Can you help me choose a topic to right about?

I have to wright a seven page long persuasive essay on something I feel strongly about. The problem is i don't really feel strongly about anything, What is something you feel strongly about or what are some interesting topics you would like to read about. (just to get me thinking in the right direction)

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9 Answers to “Can you help me choose a topic to right about?”

  1. cscript says:

    (by the way you spelt right wrong its “wright”)well you could talk about the future of robots, technology, humans, space travel.OR simply,global warming, time travelling..well there’s some to start you off.

  2. andihce says:

    Global warming( Efforts made by the UN ) , genetically modified food, coral reef( Shape and type), and how does internet helped us.

  3. outpouching says:

    Climate Change is popular at the moment.Euthanasia is always a good oneTeenage pregnancies

  4. apotheces says:

    how america spend money on war instead of people who desperately need food :)

  5. reader says:

    The condition of the environment we live in, is the most influencing and concerning to every human being. I suggest :1. Environmental pollution : Causes and Remedies.2. Plastics : Should we use it or not.3. Drug : Use and abuse.

  6. quirkys says:

    To JS: It is spelled “write”.I would suggest talking about a social issue. One I feel strongly about is how people who are currently incarcerated get to leach off taxpayers. While it comes with a lack of freedom, they receive free education, health care, electricity, shelter, and food.There are many people who are not criminals that do not get these benefits. Should we charge the families of criminals? Bill criminals and make them pay when they get out? These are some questions to be addressed by this subject.

  7. investigation says:

    Why not use your Avatar name for ideas?Nostalgia and/or Disaster.Nostalgia to write about how you would like to see things in the world (universe) to be.Disaster to write about prevention of possible disasters.You could combine them, prevention of disasters through solutions you’ve reached by nostalgic reminiscing because of your concern for mankind.;-)

  8. unmonkish says:

    right about the need to change the education system .like or example that making people write essays doesnt truly improve their knowledge about the subject orhow examinations cause anxieties,stress, and other health related problems.i really hope i helped

  9. tarnishment says:

    well i had to do this and i choose: why its wrong to keep batterey hens. and why we should all buy free range eggs.The Internet was full of stufff! and i got an A for it! :) my other ideas:Animal CrueltyEuthansiaAbortionTeenage pregnancies (link to abortion)boring one: climate changewhy we shouldnt download music illegallywhy we should get homeworkwhy school children shouldnt have to wear school uniformwhy we should buy fairtrade itemswhy we should take regular exerciseWomen for equal rightsagainst racisimbullyingdrug abuseforced marriagesbigamist marriages (married to many people) thats all i can think of for now..