How in depth should I get in my application essay?

I am applying for to get my masters in mental health counseling. I struggled with my own depression and substance abuse for a while and have been clean for over three years now. My therapist, who is a recovering addict, said she wrote about her substance abuse and recovery in her application essay. I'm wondering if that is risky to write about. Also, she also said she would write me a letter of recommendation as her therapist had once done for her. She said that programs such as these like to see that people are working on themselves. I'm wondering people's thoughts on this. Thanks in advance,Jamie

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2 Answers to “How in depth should I get in my application essay?”

  1. cetiosaurian says:

    I think that would be risky. I’m not sure about masters programs, but for undergrad thats definitely an automatic reject

  2. prostatocystotomy says:

    You should first consider if the specific graduate program you are applying for has requested you write a general application essay or if you need to respond to a specific prompt it provided; that’s always a starting place. How in depth you get depends on that factor, as well as any length requirements.I don’t think it could hurt working in your background information/personal history, especially if those experiences led to your decision to pursue a Master’s degree. One of your goals for your essay should be to establish yourself as a unique candidate; perhaps your personal experiences will help set you apart from the pack. You do, however, need to be careful that you don’t just submit a life history, as the committee is not looking for any such thing; instead, the program committee will want to know why you are applying for the program (motivations) and why they should pick you over the other applicants (skills, academic background, etc). The more you relate these two things, the better off you will be.Also, regardless of what you end up writing, it is absolutely CRITICAL that you edit your essay and seek help with revision. Make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. The other reason graduate programs ask for essays is that they want to know whether or not you have sufficient writing skills. I’m guessing there will be a rubric of some kind, and the quality of your writing will be factored into the essay portion of your total score. Best of luck! Hope this helps.