I need help with admissions!?

At the moment i am 15 years old.I am a British citizen but have been living in Turkey for the past 5 years.I am fluent in 5 languages (English,Turkish,German,French,Russian)I have not taken any exams in the U.K since i left Britain and i haven't done any course work for the GSC E's.Whilst i was downloading music on my iPod i found a Pod cast about Oxford admissions.They say that around the age of 16-17 you have to go in and have an interview.That is fine.But they also say that the student needs to have some kind of creative thinking essay something like that.And aswell as test scores on your course work.Im freaking out here because i do not have them!So will i be an Internationally admission,if i am what do i need.If i am not an International student what do i need to do?Please reply in details..Thanks very much..! =))

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  1. biotechnics says:

    If you want to go to Oxford then you need to start meeting some of their criteria now. For a start ensure you have the correct qualifications, ask them what they would expect of you. Do exams in all the languages your fluent in and make sure you get good marks. If you are going to the University you will usually be 18 when you go and 17 when you apply… so plenty of time! Email them and ask about your situation. Also you don’t have to go to Oxford, there are many other universities that give you a good education and a good if not better university life (Oxford is still very old school)