I need help with writing my introduction to my essay?

i am writing a personal essay on graduation. i am having a really hard time trying to come up with an effective introduction paragraph. i tried the story type of introduction. when writing a story type of introduction do i leave it as it is and continue on to my body paragraphs? i figured i would have to incorporate my thesis sentence in there somewhere. how would i do that and make it flow with the story? i have not actually graduated yet but i an about to here in another week from high school. i thought the small story would be helpful and an easy way to start off my essay. if anyone has a better idea let me know because it's due tomorrow!

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One Answer to “I need help with writing my introduction to my essay?”

  1. clericality says:

    When I have trouble with an introduction I just write the body of the essay and the conclusion and then do my introduction when I do my conclusion. It’s easier to introduce something once you’ve already written it.