Am I more masculine or feminine?

When I feel like it, I have a flamboyant, gender-bending fashion style that sometimes borders on crossdressing, or crosses that border if you use a looser definition of crossdressing, but mixes in some masculine elements. Most days I dress like a regular guy simply because I don't have the will to doll up most days. I'd say once or twice a week I dress this way, but I might start doing it more often. Movies and books don't make me cry often, though real suffering can upset me. My favorite activities include logic puzzles such as sedoku; hanging out with friends; reading literature (generally science fiction, fantasy or horror); activism (I dress normally for this because I don't want to distract from the issue); writing poetry, essays and short stories and studying things I enjoy studying. I am very fond of studying Marxism and am borderline obsessed with Marxist theory. I keep up on current events and tend to have some strong opinions on them, but only after I am very informed. I have mostly male friends, but some female ones. I have poor social skills but still manage to make friends because most people, consider me very interesting, albeit rather eccentric.

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6 Answers to “Am I more masculine or feminine?”

  1. pimentos says:

    100% Hermaphrodite.

  2. equilibrates says:

    You sound like a very intriguing person, to be honest.Who cares if you don’t fall into one gender stereotype or the other?

  3. Garrya says:

    Im sure the feminists here will love you.

  4. rind's says:

    The only thing that would make me say you have a feminine streak is you describe your style as flamboyant, gender-bending and cross-dressing (as you used the word). Other than that, everything else is gender neutral in my mind.Nothing wrong with a feminine streak by the way. You could be either sex in my mind but it sounds like you are male.

  5. laitrap says:

    Definitely feminine, men don’t go in for this kind attention seeking.

  6. headcheese says:

    Well, from your description, you come off as a feminine male who wants to be a masculine female.