Getting into a top college with mediocre GPA?

Ok, so my best friend got his acceptance letter from our states top university & I am super happy for him. However, he has like a 2.6-2.7 high school gpa! I know he took like 7 clasess at the community college level starting our junior year, & now on our senior year. he was envolved in like 3 extra curriculars, & was cheer captain (as a boy I know), & completed like 220 community service hours. I read one of his college admission essays & it was breath taking, and he had strong letters of recommendation. So, in his case, since he does have a low gpa, was it all the other factors like Ext. Curricular, essays, & letters of recommendation that impressed the university & decided his admission? Can an essay and the letters make a differance & back up the low grades?

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4 Answers to “Getting into a top college with mediocre GPA?”

  1. mervin says:

    How are his SAT s and ACTs?

  2. inghame says:

    *Most* students send cookie-cutter applications, so most students get cookie-cutter responses: GPA(x)+SAT(b)=accept/reject!But if you send them something interesting, they’re a lot more likely to consider you more closely. Newsflash: high school ain’t that hard, or that important. Admission boards know this. If they see a kid with a bajillion service hours, who can write and test well, who challenges himself with higher level classes, and is committed to his passions, they know he’s going to be more of an asset to their university than the kid who got a 3.5 in high school because his parents would ground him if he didn’t make honor roll. The former kid is going to learn and extend himself. The latter kid is going to go on a bender freshman year and die of alcohol poisoning.

  3. acisseJ says:

    With his GPA, the top 100 schools will ignore him. He is state university material.

  4. Petalia says: