If you were Macbeth’s lawyer, what case could you make to acquit him or reduce his sentence?

oooh a very interesting question...when I did my yr 12 english exam(ALL THOSE YEARS AGO) .. I actually did defend Macbeth... but not from a lawyer's perspective... but in my essay I said that he was human and not evil as such .. and given the prophocies he had been given and the *encouragement* from his wife to achieve these prophocies.. it would be a strong person in deed that would not succumb to the temptations Macbeth had been.also given the time setting and events of the times over-throwing kings was not unheard of at the times.BTW I did pass my english exam despite doing ( as your teachers always warn you NOT TO DO) both questions in the either/or section of Pride and Prejudice.. so i think it was because I took the road less travelled re Macbeth ..

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