Night by elie wiesel. PLEASE PLEASE HELP IS NEEEDED?

i have to answer to essay questions. im not asking you to do this for me just give me some good ideas.or a better explanation the questions are asking me to do? where would you begin?1. In a film interview during which Elie Wiesel was asked to discuss his experiences in the Holocaust, he tells the story of three Jewish men conduction a trial for God. The verdict that the men reach is "Guilty". prepare a defense FOR god in light of the horrific events of the Holocaust2. From the quote, show how Elie Wiesel's experiences and feelings as expressed in this book support his remarks. What is your own response to these remarks? Do they apply to people of other faiths (for example, could you substitute "Christian" for "Jew" in the quotation?)?..For a Jew to believe in God is good. for a Jew to protest against god is still good. but simply to ignore god is not good. Protest and affirmation, yes. Indifference? no. You can be a jew with or against god. but not without god -Elie Wiesel

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