Weapons Used in the Holocaust?

I'm doing an essay for school about the Holocaust. My research was going pretty well until...What were the weapons used in the Holocaust. Every time I search I find things like "Are we going to have another Holocaust, and are people planning to start another Holocaust". I can't find a good answer. So, if you have any answers to my question(What were the weapons used in the 1940's during the Holocaust), please answer!

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26 Answers to “Weapons Used in the Holocaust?”

  1. beknotting says:

    furnaces, knives, guns

  2. corduroys says:

    The Holocaust was an aspect of World War 2. Hitler wanted to eradicate people he considered inferior – Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Homosexuals and basically anyone he didn’t like. Hitler never killed any of these himself, but he had loads of followers willing to do so!The Holocaust was the rounding up of these people and the organized murder of them.Obviously nobody would have gone without a struggle so they were LIED TO!The greatest wepon of the Holocaust was the LIE!THey were told they were going to camps to work, or to special communites or better places. When they arrived it was too late and tehy were brutalized and controlled wit h guns and fear before being shot or killed with gas or exhaust fumes or chemicals or cruel medical experiments and worse.

  3. preinfluence says:

    Cyanide. >_<

  4. unbewitched says:

    Ovens for baking people to death. Gas chambers to gas them to death, bullets to shoot them, then push them into pits, alot still alive and bury them alive. Medical experiments, not weapons per say but the testing maimed, tortured and killed thousands. Bayonettes, maiming prisoners. Torture as a weapn to dehumanize and brutilize people, got enough? You did not read much did you, you need to google, and put in treatment of prisoners holocaust, have tissues near by, and expect a really bad night after reading about it. One of the biggest black marks that humans could ever do.

  5. kinkle says:

    Weapons for concentration camps (Holocaust) Poison Gas, Machine guns (MG – 42), guns in general, fire, starvation, torture (you may have heard of scientist experimenting on hostages)Weapons of Germans in 1940′s (during Holocaust) MP40, STG44, Mg-42, K98, Kar 98 (sniper), Luger, FG42. (all infantry weapons)

  6. dashplate says:

    toxic gases, ovens, knives, guns

  7. rechaos says:

    they burned them alive, they gassed them in chambers, they shot them, they buried them alive, they tortured them with medical experimentation, they starved them to death, they worked them to death…hope that helps.

  8. girded says:

    Well, do you mean in concentration camps? If so:-Gas chambers-Giant ovensIf you mean during the war than:Allies:-Thompson -M1 garand -Colt-Springfield-grenades-BARNazis-MP40-STIG-Luger-GEWEHRThese are some! Hope this helped!

  9. retieve says:

    showers – where they actually showered mustard gaswhich is poisonous

  10. nordman says:

    Well obviously guns. And knives were used.

  11. obturate says:

    German- Mauser 98 (bolt action rifle, 8mm mauser calibur), MP-40 (9mm sub machine gun), Luger P08 (9mm semi auto handgun), Walther P-38 (another 9mm handgun) and there are a few others i’m sure i missed out on some…US- M1 Garand (30-06 semi auto rifle), M1 Carbine (30 carbine semi auto rifle, paratroopers used them), M1911 (45 calibur handgun), M1 Thompson (45 calibur sub machine gun), M12 (12ga pump shotgun), and a few others i forgot to mention.Russian- Mosin Nagant (rifle), well i know more but i got a headache now, i hope i gave more than enough info once it comes to weapons of WW2.

  12. adamiak says:

    check to see if they have a holocaust museum in your area.you will learn all you need to know.or go to the library.good luck.

  13. almonership says:


  14. governor's says:

    it depends do you want german weapons?… the holocaust was more massive killings using gas chambers and fire pits…. germans used mp 40′s, stg44, mg 42, kar 98′s, gewher rifles

  15. disacquaint says:

    They used Lugers. But they didn’t call them lugers. They also used gas chambers. Ummm…… just watch holocaust films on YouTube. Thats where im getting these answers.

  16. frowner says:

    The only true weapon was a mentally disturbed dictator!

  17. fshadow says:

    gas chambers

  18. aspiration says:

    Guns-Handheld/Mounted Machine GunsGrenadesBombs/PlanesArtillery-Howitzers/MortarsGases

  19. engagedly says:

    [external link] b gas was used in asuwitz. it killed faster. dont forget the obvious ones.the nazis also shot the jews, burned them, bayoneted them, beat them, worked them to death, and the desease in the camps also killed the jews. these were all weapons used by the nazis.

  20. corrugations says:

    i’m just reading thru the other answers and well..my answer is:knives, guns, gas chambers.anything to kill a person… slowly and painfully.or quickly – guns ?mm yeah. i hope i helped. xD

  21. Anatum says:

    They used bullets and gaz chamber .Another distinctive feature was the extensive use of human subjects in medical experiments. German physicians carried out such experiments at Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald, Ravensbrück, Sachsenhausen and Natzweiler concentration camps.[27 The Holocaust [external link]

  22. McIlroy says:


  23. hel-cos says:

    You name it, it was used against all the people in the Holocaust

  24. anacatadidymus says:

    no they didnt want to waste guns and ammo so they buired them and used and gas called Hydrogen cyanide (hcn)

  25. rossinc says:

    It really depends on the period of the Holocaust you’re talking about. Some weapons were used through out the Holocaust, but were used more heavily in certain periods than in others. Guns were used through out, but one of the big problems the Nazis had with guns was that they were wasting ammo exterminating holocaust victims that they could use in fighting the war. So they had to find a better way than just lining folks up and shooting ‘em. That was the gas chambers. They made the victims believe they were going to take a shower only to suddenly lock them in and drop in Zyklon B, which was a cyanide based insecticide. But this doesn’t mean victims still weren’t gunned down. If they tried escaping the camps or those rounding them up you can bet they were shot dead.

  26. tridimensionality says: