Any help w/ my essay?

the question is what makes us central? (central is the name of my school)and I am pretty clueless on what to write about got any ideas? or things to help get me started it has to be 300 words or less so not very long @ all thnks in advance

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  1. NeoDesk says:

    From the (insert school colors here) that we proudly wear, to the school song we loudly sing, from the feared (insert name of football team here) we field, to the mighty (insert team mascot name here) who encourages them, we, the (name of school here) of (town, state here) bow down to none, keeping our head and prides high even in the face of defeat. Sure, other schools around Texas might have a similar name, but no other Texas school has the same combination of (racial makeup, harmoney, balance, cohesiveness, spirit, pick one, or two) that we possess. Try this for a start and see if you feel like leading a school cheer by the time you finish.

  2. calathian says:

    Lorenzo has the right idea.. your instructor is looking for a ‘rah rah’ paper on school spirit. Of course, this means that whatever the other schools have in diversity, togetherness, etc. Central does it better. Rah Rah Rah. good luck.

  3. ambrosiaceous says:

    Geographical location:Is it in the center of your town?Are there 5 schools and yours is in the middle?Center of your state?Was it named after Mr. Central?You really need to give more info, but as a teacher that would be the 1st questions I would think about