Help please with essay!?

hey! right ive an essay to do for higher level english and its"a story where a rebellious teenager is the main character"can u please help the essay has to be 4 pages long!thanks xxxxx

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  1. bloodsuck says:

    well is there any more of any outline you were givenhave you considered a cultural aspect – different cultures religionsfamily life – people from a broken or abusive home.drugs, crime you need to think of what you want the story to reflectbad kid turned good. bad kid remains bad? bad kid gets in a mess?male/femalebrain storm you ideas, dream up your character. eat it like an apple one bite at a time

  2. faerie says:

    Hey,you could relate it too the knife and gun crime problem or you could always have your teenager go through what every teenager goes through and tell how your character deals with situations given.Hope this helped :)

  3. anan says:

    Im still doing my GCSE English but essays are my strong point, use the classic growing up process through out the essay and show that dealing with different problems and situations is a really hard thing to do, decide what she’s rebelling against, unless its just everything. use getting involved with a new crowd of people and falling out with a close friend over something silly. also once you’ve got all the ideas put together, display them in a brainstorm but number them in the order you want to place them. it makes the whole thing so much easier.hope ive been of some help.

  4. profaneness says:

    im not great at english but try:-growing up-knife and gun crimes-family problemswrite in first person if possible because then you can write more on personal thoughts and feelings, you could then link it to something you’ve gone through recently and write about that as though you are the 14 year old.