What are some tips to help me get into USC, UCLA, or NYU film school?

I was just wondering if anyone had in advice. I am planning on applying to film school to at least USC, NYU, UCLA, Chapman and maybe UC Long Beach. Does anyone have any tips on how might I be better prepared, what I should expect, etc...? Thanks in advance!

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3 Answers to “What are some tips to help me get into USC, UCLA, or NYU film school?”

  1. ornithography says:

    I am going to answer your question under the assumption that you already have a BA/BS degree and are applying to an MFA program.As a graduate of USC’s School of CInematic Arts (recently renamed from School of Cinema-TV), here is my advice:1. If you want to focus on film PRODUCTION, go to USC. Film production includes any of the physical aspects of filmmaking (directing, cinematography, editing, sound, etc). No matter what people say who live in NYC, you can’t beat living in LA if you’re trying to break into film or TV. 2. If you want to focus on screenwriting (as I did), go to UCLA. It’s cheaper (if you’re in state… probably regardless) and you won’t be distracted by requirements outside of your area of focus. But, mainly, it’s cheaper. A lot cheaper.

  2. judicatorial says:

    I don’t know if you’re a high school student hoping to get into film school, or looking to transfer, or want to do grad school in film, but I applied to to the undergrad film school at UCLA, and it’s a pretty tiring process. I’m not sure how it is transferring from outside (i was already at UCLA), but it’s very writing intensive – a critical essay, personal statement, creative writing, etc. They’re looking for storytellers. Just do a search on the admissions requirements of each school on their website. It should tell you a lot more.

  3. Mush-PC says:

    We often are surprised that attending a film school, such as USC may not prove to be the secret to a successful career in the film industry. Take the case of Steven Spielberg who attempted to gain entrance to the U.S.C. Film School and was rejected TWICE. And with the passage of time, U.S.C. realized their oversight and offered Mr. Spielberg an honorary film degree which was soundly rejected with a remark by Mr. Spielberg [to paraphrase] “don’t insult me by this offer. I very much appreciate your Film School and plan to donate money to your current building fund [which will be named after my family].” He later finished his Film School education and graduated from Long Beach State College — well after a successful film career as a director and producer.As for his initial start in show business, he began as a lowly mail clerk at Universal Studios [MCA] which introduced him to any number of major studios operators and players.Good luck!