What do you think about my discussion of poetry?

We have metrical and non-metrical poetry. As commonly understood, the defining aspect linking these major classes of poetry is rhythm. This essay seeks not to explain the concept of rhythm. This essay seeks to explore the fundamental aspects of the overall structure of a poem. These fundamental aspects are the poem's dimensions. There are four dimensions: length; width; depth/height; time.The length of a poem is directly proportional to the number of lines in the poem. The width of a poem is directly proportional to the rhythm of each line. Alternating width is the essence of the ballad's structure. Length and width give the poem it's platform for imitation more like the foundation of a building is the platform for construction. Poor length and width are like a poor foundation - they will make a poem collapse. A poem cannot have strong length and weak width nor can it have weak length and strong width. Once one of the two dimensions is weak the platform is weak. The two control the flow of the poem. These are finite and it is important to keep their magnitudes suited to their depth which will be explained later. Once these two have been achieved one has a strong verse. It is not yet a poem. In this line of thought, verse can be said to be the length and width of a poem or a poem's foundation or construction.The depth of the poem is what then goes on to give the poem elaborate meaning. The depth of the poem is what poetic devices such as imagery and metaphor help to make. But this is all meaningless if the meaning of the poem is not firm and it is just a random set of thoughts with no specific goal. The depth is what makes the poem emotional. Depth is what many poets have. With good verse, depth will be. This is for the serious poems. For the fun poems, they have no depth but height. Height makes the poem fun. It is much lighter and more comic. Its making is the same for depth. High poems are more obvious than deep poems but both are equal. Sea level poems s

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  1. reinfects says:

    Overall this is the case;some poets have a giftof packing a deep meaning into into a specific line opr coupletin or out of metreand offsetting the height to round it memorably ;There is a lot of that here on Y!APSwhen what seems a `fun poem` suddenly flips the reader,to reverie or deep emotion by its` beauty or wisdom.TY for posting this near-essay – it`s a credit-worthy reminder.:)10/ 10

  2. allsun says:

    Yes, I am always trying to impress on my students the importance of rhythm – iambic pentameter (five feet) is my favourite but then it was Shakespeare’s so I’m in solubrious company!You cover a lot of ground. Maybe a fourteen line sonnet – with last rhyming couplet could be added. I agree with you about the random set of thoughts with no goal – so many of my students think they only have to string together lots of strange words and that’s poetry.My poetry is mostly comic. Here’s a parody you might like.To Botox, or not to Botox?That is the question.Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the sags and furrows of outrageous old age, or..By injection, end them.Or:Ode to a Supermarket TrolleySpeak softly to your trolleyHe’s had a trying dayHe’s been bumped and ground and pushed aroundOut of everybody’s way.His wheels are on the wobbleAnd he’s feeling rather glumAbandoned in the rain nowAnd he’s not the only one.There are thousands of them out thereSuffering this sad fateSo speak softly to your trolleyAnd give the lad a break.I like to make my students laugh – it’s halfway to getting their attention!Good luck,Mo