What personality disorder does Sarah Palin have?

It's obvious that she exhibits symptoms of both Histrionic and Narcissistic Personality Disorder,so I'm assuming she has both.I have never seen a public figure who makes everything under the sun about them when in fact she has been treated much less harsh than other(political)figures.I would like to use her as an example of Histrionic/Narcissistic "drama queen" syndrome in an essay,even if it gets me an F.Also,is there a particular social or psychological term for a female who acts as a patriarchy shill,who would sell out all other women including herself,sort of like a female "Uncle Tom"?

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4 Answers to “What personality disorder does Sarah Palin have?”

  1. islanders says:

    Patriarchy shill? You do realize that each successive generation is raised primarily by women right? If society is patriarchal (and I don’t believe that it is) then it is because that is how women have raised children to behave. That would mean that the vast majority of women are patriarchy shills. If I were Sarah Palin I would love nothing more than for you to write an essay about me, especially if it were critical. It’s perfectly consistent with narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders. Whoever is in office is completely irrelevant. Men, women, black, white, alien, chimpanzee it doesn’t matter. Using the threat of violence to achieve social change is completely immoral. It’s not at all as if politicians have any control over the system. The government has consistently grown and taken more liberties regardless of who is in office. If you create an artificial power disparity people will inevitably oppress those they have control over. The Stanford prison experiment is a prime example of that.Saying men have power in society because they hold political office is completely illogical firstly because men are completely controlled by the opinions of their wives in America and secondly because political leaders have no control over public opinion, women do. I wish men and women would start respecting each other. That would help a great deal. Maybe we wouldn’t have a tyrannical government.

  2. schubel says:

    You remember that girl in preschool, who took the Princess games, and the Damsel in Distress role way too seriously? That’s her.

  3. etkin's says:

    I just think its a disorder all together and that is called being stupid. How can someone who barely serves a term as governor expect to lead a crumbling nation?

  4. rebusy says:

    Whew. I’m not sure that this is a question, but I certainly empathize with what you’re saying. As far as your essay goes, I’d say “Don’t retreat, just reload. You betcha.”