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from the book Night......When a situation arises and becomes a global catastrophe, most people look for someone to blame. In many cases, this is difficult to determine. In the case of the Holocaust, it is not so much a problem off who to blame, as a problem of who deserves the most blame and who shares in the responsibility.In this essay, you should rank the following person(s) or groups from the most to the least resonsible:* Top SS officers (Gerenerals who gave the orders to exterminate)* France and England, who allowed Hitler to amass an enormous standing army and invade the Rhineland and Sudetenland (which gave him the courage to invade Poland)* The people of Germany who knew what was happening to the Jews and did nothing to stop it.* Hitler: leader of the Nazi party and mastermind of the Holoccaust.Explain how you arrieved at your ranking and include reasons for your choices.

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  1. heavyweight says:

    Hilter- He was the mastermind and dictator in charge of it allFrance and England- Not intervening in the genocideSS Officers- They did what they were told to do from Hitler….horrible ppl none the less but just doing their jobPpl of Germany- Some ppl did try to help but in a time of war, many were concerned in taking care of their own families

  2. counterinfluences says:

    Hitler was just one man so I don’t think you should put him at the top.Hitler’s inner circle and the SS knew what they were doing and they could have removed him if they had suddenly grown a conscience.They and the people in general allowed themselves to be convinced that killing their neighbours was good.Don’t use the word exterminate. It is a word for killing vermin and it is just the type of word that the Nazis used so that they didn’t have to say murder.

  3. peravia says:

    just find out in the book