Should I drop AP English Language?

This is my schedule as of now 1 AP World History2 AP Art History3 Honors Precalc 4 Lunch5 PE5 AP Biology (mondays)6 AP Biology 7 Honors Art III 8 AP English Language I'm a junior -I can do biology because I did bio freshman year, so I feel like it would be easy. World History.. i mean history isn't my forté but I'm a lot more interested in world history than US history which I did for the past two years. My only concern is AP English. I love love english and writing etc but I feel like I could just take the AP test and not take the class. But at the same time, if I took High Honors English it might just be the same thing as the AP class.For those of you who've taken it before, was it really difficult? Were the essays excessive? Also I heard there's a lot of presentations...

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2 Answers to “Should I drop AP English Language?”

  1. womankinds says:

    Do not drop the class. Big mistake.

  2. flinthearted says:

    Please do not drop the class and try to take the exam. It’s not an easy exam. I took it last year, and I’m a kick-butt English student and amazing writer…. I still only got a 3. It’s not just writing essays– you have to analyze weird passages and answer questions on them. Also, do you know how to write a persuasive essay, rhetorical analysis essay, and synthesis essay? If not, don’t skip out on the class and try for the exam. It’ll be a waste of your time and money. One of the most important things I learned in my AP Language class is how to manage my time. They will not tell you when to switch essays on your exam. It’s up to you to finish those 3 essays in the time that you’re given.