Slove 3 question about essay multiple?

22. smiles from ear to ear a.When they discover the secret passageway, the younger brother, "smiles from ear to ear." b.When they discover the secret passageway, the younger brother "smiles from ear to ear." c.When they discover the secret passageway ",the younger brother smiles from ear to ear." 23. How would considering audience most likely affect writing? a.A writer uses less punctuation when writing for an older audience. b.A writer uses shorter sentences for a younger audience. c.A writer does not use quotations when writing for family and friends. d.A writer repeats words more frequently when writing for teachers.24. What would most likely be the purpose of an essay titled "Farming In Your Backyard"? compare and contrast cow farming and pig farming entertain the reader with stories about a backyard give instructions and tips for how to grow food at home persuade readers that farming is expensive

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    22 is B. when they discover the secret passageway, the younger brother “smile from ear to ear.”23 is C. a writer does not use quotations when writing to family and friends.24 is D. to persuade readers that farming is expensive.i hope this helped you!

  2. keratoleukoma says:

    B. Only one that makes senseB. Little kids understand stuff that wayC. DUHHH