Was is johnson or kennedys war?

The vietnam war. who was to blame. i am doing an essay on this however, i have no idea who was to blame please help you historians.

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6 Answers to “Was is johnson or kennedys war?”

  1. uncorrugated says:

    Try going back to Eisenhower. French foreign policy failed to take back Vietnam after ww2. The French lost it in the 1950s, and American foreign policy demanded that they support the anti-communists. American military advisors were in Vietnam before Kennedy was voted in.

  2. marna says:

    The two Presidents most deeply implicated in that war were Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. U.S. involvement began under Dwight Eisenhower, escalated a bit under John Kennedy, escalated enormously under Johnson and Nixon, and finally ended under Gerald Ford.

  3. fulgurata says:

    i am no historian but i do believe johnson was doing a good job but kennedy may have messed things up a little bit.

  4. hemiamblyopia says:

    Kennedy comitted ground troops and started the USA direct involvement.

  5. CLA-VAL says:

    It was largely Ho Chi Minh’s war.I blame the French.

  6. vatmaker says:

    You could blame it on Truman for his containment policy. The French were losing out in Vietnam and weren’t able to keep their colonies in check there and were getting pushed out, as Communist influence grew, that’s when Kennedy decided he’d better step in and try and keep a Western presence in there, and we did have the military power that the French didn’t. Johnson, basically, came in and just carried on everything Kennedy had set out to do, not only with the war but other policies. Johnson probably wanted to pull out but given the size of that man’s ego there’s no way he could still call himself a man if he walked away so he gave Westmoreland all the bombs and guns he wanted.