Can someone please help me on a essay about Tim Burton?

ok i have to write a three paragraph essay on his style. such as flashback , lighting, and tracking.i have to write two paragraphs on his flashback and tracking.we watched charlie and the chocolate factory & edward scissorhandscan someone give me a few examples of his flashback and tracking in both movies and give a little supporting detail to help me get a start please10 POINTS !

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2 Answers to “Can someone please help me on a essay about Tim Burton?”

  1. petrographical says:

    For flashbacks there is the scenes in Edward Scissorhands with Vincent Price, showing the machine that was making cookies and when Vincent’s character died. For tracking I am assuming you mean a tracking shot, the same cookie scene is a tracking shot if I am remembering it correctly, there is also a tracking shot of the town showing all the houses and cars. And there may have been one of the castle and I think there is one at the end when the snow and ice is flying out the window of the castle.I have not seen Charlie more than once (I really disliked the film) I do recall a flashback scene about Willy Wonka’s father, I am not sure about tracking shots sorry.As for lighting, his films are very stark, dark but well lit. They tend to have high contrast, direct brights against black. His darker and scary looking characters tend to be the hero instead of the villain, this is more obvious in Edward Scissorhands, where it’s the bright and friendly “perfect” townspeople who are the bad guys, instead of the creepy, scarred, pale, black wearing, scissorhanded robot-ish (he isn’t human what the hell is he?) guy from the old castle.

  2. seeeeee says:

    I know that his style is dark. I can’t think of any scenes that involve flashbacks though.