Do you think i can get accepted into ivy league schools?

Universities like Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Penn, MIT, Stanford or Cal Tech? (I know the last three arent ivy league)I scored a 2100 on my SAT at the beginning of my junior year, with an 800 in math. Im planning on taking it again and scoring much higher, and on my PSAT i got a 223 (equivalent to a 2230) and an 80 (or 800) on the writing, so I will definitely be a National Merit Scholar Finalist, and Im pretty sure i can be a National Merit Scholar. I play soccer, and am a very well rounded student, also a minority (half Iranian). The only problem is that while I am taking the most rigorous course at my high school, I will most likely not be in the top 10%. Certainly in the top quarter and top 20%, but Ive made alot of Bs. Im sure i can write a very convincing and brilliant admission essay. Oh and im planning on majoring in applied mathematics or economics. Do you think i have a good shot at being accepted to the universities i listed? Columbia is my number one choice

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  1. outblushing says:

    It isn’t so much the class rank as the “lots of Bs” that’s problematic. Ivy League schools don’t expect you to have a perfect GPA, and they would rather see you challenge yourself than take a class that’s too easy, but they’re still going to have questions about your ability to handle the workload compared to someone who took a similarly rigorous schedule and got mostly As. If I were you, I’d narrow down your application list to a few top-tier schools you really care about, and then round out the rest with some safer alternatives you’d still be happy to attend if you had to.