How do I cite my paper?

So I have an essay. Do I cite the source for every individual fact that I express in my paper? About every other sentence in my introduction paragraph I express some fact or whatnot, that I got from an internet source, so do I cite it EVERY time? If so, that just seems ridiculous.

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  2. desectionalize says:

    Every idea that you took from somewhere else must be cited. Preferably MLA Format.

  3. texedit says:

    It really depends on what your teacher wants. If I were you, I would ask some fellow students how they did it. The most logical answer would be to make a works cited page and at the end of each sentence write in parentheses the author of that quote. Example:If Rochester “had been a handsome man,” Jane would have felt uncomfortable around him (Bronte 135). Totally pulled that out of my butt, but you get my point.(I was trying to remember a quote I used in my last essay)