If I ran the world one thing i would fous on would be…?

I am writting an essay and i was wondering if anyone had ideas for me. The question is this:You have read about some ideas of power and control, and how the need for power seems to be a part of huiman nature. You are aware of how people want,use,or abuse power. At this point you should have formulated some ideas about what could constitute a good and efficient system of power. You will write an essay that explains your ideas in finishing the statment "If I ran the world one thing I would focus on would be..." clearly explaning your choice and reasons. You need to consider both the philosophical and the practical? if you say that there would be world peace,how would you accomplish this? IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE SUPPORT FROM OTHERE SOURCES(SUCH AS STATUSTUCS OR EXAMPLES) TO SHOW WHY YOUR IDEAS ARE THE BEST. if you have any ideas on what i could write about or some example anwser my question. thanks a bunch :)

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2 Answers to “If I ran the world one thing i would fous on would be…?”

  1. sylvana says:

    You need to answer the question for yourself. What really ticks you off about the world? For example, cheating is top on MY list. Look at how much better things would be if NO one cheated! So to accomplish your task, you pick YOUR pet peeve. Now that you have it, research it and write!

  2. Niantic says:

    Health care…it is already an issue in politics and in the coming months you will hear more about it . your teacher will appreciate your care for politics. anyways. talk about how the upcoming presidential candidates have already proven that this is an American issue something this country deserves. Talk about different health care systems around the world. You should add some of your own ideas. Anyways for your conclusion mention something about the movie “Sicko”(Michael MoorE) and how his portrayal is accurate and your opinions. etc,. A plus