Interracial relationships?

Im doing a persuasive essay on interracial relationships.I'm am for it.One of my points is "if you love someone it shouldnt matter what race they are."What are some details to back that up?

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9 Answers to “Interracial relationships?”

  1. reception's says:

    Great. As long as albino devil genes are destroyed and the devil culture ceases to exist

  2. hyracothere says:

    It is a contributing factor to genocide.It robs children of a proper racial or cultural identity.There is an IQ drop in mixed children.You are effectively destroying tens of thousands of years of geneological heritage.Stay with your own kind. You traitor.

  3. ulatrophia says:

    I don’t have any there are plenty of reasons not too but you didn’t ask for that one point have you ever thought about what a child of that union would be saddled with ? not having any race to belong to, the ridicule they will have to endure not being accepted by either of his parents races ? the world is a cruel place it’s not fairy land if we had a perfect world that would be great buuuutttt you know how people are would you want your child to go thru that?

  4. nahmias says:

    moses married a black woman, he loved her very much dispite her color.:Di’m for interracial relationships tooooo!

  5. msitoge says:

    Use examples. I know white/black, white/asian, hispanic/asian, and other interracial relationships. They all seem to be working out.

  6. pc/unix says:

    A persuasive essay involves your personal thoughts and reasoning – do no seek the opinions of others. You are missing the point of the task

  7. cerebellopontine says:

    Nothing is wrong with interracial relationships. I’m semi-seeing a black guy right now, and I don’t care he’s black. It’s persuasive, which means your opinion, not ours. :)

  8. heterocycle says:

    I prefer the main white welsh woman, but ftw…

  9. Micropodiformes says:

    1) love isn’t skin deep, it is on the inside that counts2) Nothing is bad about interracial relationships, there are no birth defects or anything3) love is natural, you cant help being in love with some one, even if they are of another race