Ok I just need to find already written essays on the Holocaust I’ll explain why.?

Okay, I have a Holocaust paper to write and she took out two really good sentences that add drama to the paper. I thought it made the paper really good. So I just need already written essays to maybe...re-word them. Yea, just re-word em' plz help or help me re-write them urselves. Here is my intro paragraph, I will capt. the marked out sentences.The Holocaust was a very gruesome and tragic event in which 6million Jews, mentally disabled people and other 'undesirables' were slain under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Many people have different beliefs on the Holocaust, some believe that the Holocaust never happened, and some believe that it did. Some people, though very few do, actually agree with Hitler. THE HOLOCAUST TOOK PLACE FROM 1939-1945. Hitler believed his legacy would last forever. HOWEVER, IT ONLY LASTED FOR 6 YEARS. It seemed like an eternity to the Jews and other 'undesirables.'

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  1. flewelli says:

    The intro sounds fine to me but how long is your paper ? and what class is this for ? that might help ppl to help you . good luck .

  2. Cicindela says:

    stop cheating. you should know better than that.In other words, you want us to give you an essay so you can take the perspective and change the language so that it’s yours. It’s called plagiarizing. It’s the same as taking a book and changing the words to make it your own. Plagiarizing=cheating. But hey, what do i care. Your education. Be warned though, what you want to do is cheating and if you are caught, you would be in big trouble. Funny how you didn’t deny you were a cheater… you just asked us to do the work for you and i think that you do believe it’s wrong but you really want to get this done. As for me, i apologize for calling you a lazy bum but really, you should know better than to cheat. If you really are the Christian you believe yourself to be and say you are, you should know that you shouldn’t compromise your integrity. This is from one Christian to another.