Opinions on the shawshank redemption?

ok in my media studies class we watched "the shawshank redemption"in our essays we have to talk about the audience, appeal etcSo if you've watched te movie can you tell me :your agewhy you watched itwhat did you like/dislikeand what other kinda moives you watch?This is a big help for me thanks!

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  1. nuria says:

    Adult male (30+)It was recommended by friendsLoved the movie. it’s one of my all time favorites.I thought it was a great story about friendship and perseverance- about never giving up no matter how bad things look, about being able to laugh at life when facing serious problems. And of course karma- what goes around comes around.I usually watch sci-fi/fantasy, action-adventure, drama and comedy films.

  2. inlaut says:

    47it had several actors that i likethe acting was great, the ending was great…dislikes: just the way andy was treated throughout the movie but he was smart and got people to respect him. dramas, comedies..dont like romance or horrors so much

  3. hexylresorcinol says:

    thirtysomethingI had read the book and wanted to compare the two.I found the characters interesting. That even though Tim Robbins character seemed to be the type that would crack in prison. He did manage to hold it together. I also loved the scene where the two guards beat the tar out of the guy that raped and put Andy in the hospital. Dang I can’t remember that actor’s name that played that guard right now. I just loved that scene, because it showed you that even the prison personnel had some respect for Andy. I typically like sci-fi and action films. There are also some dramas that I like.

  4. healful says:

    29I like to watch Stephen King movies since i am not a book reader.I enjoyed the movie, i thought it was pretty good. Shawshank and the green mile are one of my more favorite movies from Stephen Kings books.As for other movies, i like mostly scifi and horror, but pretty much watch anything.

  5. epipial says:

    ? LOL ? Really Cute.Great moving period piece.I liked everything about this movie. How Tim Robbins conned the warden and got away.I watch this movie all the time. This movie reminds me, of The Green Mile with Tom Hanks.I hoped this helps.

  6. Nevadan says:

    I am 22- i saw shawshank redemption a year ago b/c my boyfriend, who is 24, insisted i watch it, that it was a great movie (he watches a lot of action movies.) See I probably wouldnt have watched it if he hadnt insisted i see it. but usually he picks out better movies than me (lol) so i watched it and loved it. Surprisingly.I liked the plot and the ending and the characters. I didnt like the way they kept cursing (mostly the g-d’s i didnt like.) I was hoping that the guy who got locked up would get out. and then when he had to wade thru miles and miles of sewage? and he made it out? I loved it. i guess im kinda goofy–cuz i really love like, stupid funny movies- i love rob schneider ( you have to see Big Stan it is seriously funny), Adam Sandler, guys like that. Occasionally i will watch a romantic flick, not very often. i like funny movies and i also enjoy thrillers like Saw, the sixth sense, Hide and seek, etc. one of my faves is Goodfellas–i like movies based on true events. i really do feel that they could have found a better title for the shawshank redemption b/c it was the title that made me not want to watch it. catchy titles catch my interest-like, the time travelers wife, you me and dupree, wedding crashers, the hot chick, white chicks. i dunno. i hate war movies, action movies, teeny bopper movies (example being Juno, superbad, stuff like that.) i also dislike matthew maconahay. Id really like to see him, however in a movie where he is a klutz instead of always playing the same role of the smooth confident guy women are always falling over. good luck on your essay and hope this helped!

  7. Heptanchus says:

    middle aged adulti like Morgan Freeman & Tim Robbinsliked the power and total corruption of people in power i like all kinds of movies

  8. cecilio says:

    19i got the cd as a giftliked the acting ..morgan freeman was great..and so was tim robbins…and the story and direction was good too..the whole cast ..its a really well made movie… nothing i didnt like …other kind …action/ sci/fi / drama/ comedy… um..i like quentin tarantino movies… hope it helped..

  9. underwrote says:

    37 I have seem it many times but I think the first time was on recommendation. But it is listed at 72 on the American Film Institutes top 100 movies of all time. As of 2007 Loved it is a great movie. I’m a big movie buff and watch all types of movies. Some of my favorites are When Harry Met Sally Last of the Mohicans Casablanca The Good the Bad and the Ugly Shogun the mini series Blazzing Saddles and many other

  10. unguidedly says:

    18my friend said it was goodLOVED IT! its different! awesome plot, movingi dont normally watch movies like that- i like chick flicks.. rom coms… but that was awesome!

  11. towerproof says:

    adultwatched it several timesliked itwatch everything