Please help me with english..?

Ok i need help with comma's. I know and learn that you put comma before for, and, nor, but, or, yet,and so. There is other ways to remembers it, i think it's F.A.N.B.O.Y.S. But still i think that is still not enought. Is there other ways of where i need to put a comma? TThank youso much if you helped me. My next question is how to use paste tense words using "ed". I really do know how to use it but when writing ans essay or so, i get completely lost.My third one is using S's. I know that S's is use for multiple stuff, but sometime i see people used it in some other ways? For eexampleJohn have no hairs" or " what happen if you have no hairs?"if john have "no hairs" so wouldn't that mean less than 1, which means *hair* not hairs?My fourth question. I have problem with capitalization. I know we capitalized words that refer is names. but this one i read saids, A man, Tomos Tangle made Hanky from france. ( please be aware that part of this sentence is made up by me but most of them are from one of the paper i did today. I may asure nothing big change just the name, not the way it was writen.) Does "france" need to be capitalize? And shouldn't there be a comma after "Tangle"? If france should/shouldn't be capitalized, please give me some explanations.Last and not least, my last. I have a question when is comes to using " Are" and "Is" , and "Have" and "Has". Thank you so much for helping me, i hope something good will happen to you as what you did to me, gratitude.

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  1. marette says:

    The rules for commas are too complicated to list here.You can add “ed” to regular verbs to form the past tense, eg walk+ed = walked.’Hair’ is a bad example, because it can mean a single bit of hair or lots of hair. If you choose ‘cat’ instead, you can say ‘John does not have a cat’ or ‘John does not have any cats’. I think you are confusing yourself about none being less than one and so becoming singular, because it does not work like that. You can say ‘There are no rabbits’ or ‘There is not a rabbit’.In English, I would spell France with a capital F.Yes I would put a comma after Tangle – although the sentence does not make sense. In fact, there are several mistakes in what you have written.IS is singular, ARE is plural.You say ‘I have / you have / he HAS / we have / you have / they have’.