How do I get into my computer with a forgotten password?

My brother put a password on the laptop administrator account to piss me off. Now he forgot the password! I have all my files, school work, essays, ALL of my songs which I need for dance class, and much more! Is there any phone number or ANYTHING to get it back! Its important. The computer is a Sony and has that weird wave symbol with a dot under it. It is also window XP. SOS HELP

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6 Answers to “How do I get into my computer with a forgotten password?”

  1. neurals says:

    Oh … you are in deep trouble, try this [external link]

  2. quernstone says:

    lol little brothers are always a pain! dont worry, windows xp has pretty poor security and there are countless ways of breaking in. The easiest way I found was to use a cd called ophcrack. Simply go to this website here. [external link] …download the .iso file. If you dont know, iso is a cd in computer format. Much like a .mp3 is a music file and .rar is a compressed package with files. Now that you have the iso file, you need to burn in onto a cd. This simply requires a burning program that can read iso. I recommend poweriso, which you can get here. [external link] just simply use the program, locate the iso, and burn it into the disc. There you have it, a hacking cd that can be very useful or dangerous depending on who is using it. The next step is to reboot your computer with the cd inside. The ophcrack cd is a live cd, and can boot itself up when you run the computer.If your computer doesnt boot up, try going into your bios to change the settings so it boots the cd first. Once you get the cd to boot, you may have to wait a few minutes depending on how fast your computer is. Once it is loaded, just follow the instructions on the screen. It may seem a little intimidating to first time users, but if you research on google a little about ophcrack before you do this then you should have no problem. Basically, a table will show up, and will display all the users that are on the computer as well as all the passwords.The magic about this cd is that you can use it on any windows xp computer, and it can extract ALL the passwords on it. If your bro has a computer use this on him and go change his stuff when you get into his account. This cd is a little complicated in how it works, but I recommend it to you so you can use it for the future and you will have no problem with passwords in the future with window xp computers.If you want a fast, easy way out of this situation, and dont care about the cd, then theres a youtube video with a quick way to get into a computer. Just do a google search about it and look around. hope this helps

  3. iinnhse says:

    ok no problem XP is Easy first when it brings up the users just push CTL+Delete+Alt then just in the user name just put in admin and the password leave blank then there you go.If that dose not work turn off the computer then turn on the before or while the sony sign is showing press f8 then go to safe mode and it should let you in all you do is change the password

  4. czarevitch says:

    Sorry, the solution is easy or difficult depending on your skills with computers. Anyway, you will need:- Patience and good luck- other computer with internet access and CD or DVD burner- a blank CD- Knowing how to burn an .ISO file- That your damaged PC has a DVD or CD unit, and is able to boot from a CDCAUTION: if you have encrypted files, you can be turn unreadable your information. If you don’t know what this means, probably you don’t have encryption enabledThere is a software called chntpw, you can download it at [external link] Send your brother away so you can work- read the instructions- read the instructions again- download the CD image file in a computer not locked by your lovely brother- burn the .ISO file into the blank CD, instructions depend on the software you are using to burn CDs- Put the CD into your damaged PC- boot the PC with the CD inside and tell the PC to boot from CD, pressing F12- The software is character based, not graphical, don’t worry- read every instructions on the screen and follow the instructionsThe software will ask you for:- what partition is you windows partition? (follow program recommendation)- Where is your windows directory (again follow program recommendation)- What is the username you will like to reset password (choose administrator)- He will ask you for a new password, or gives you an option to leave it blankfinally, instruct the program to save changes and reboot your computerGood luck!

  5. beatrisa says:

    logon in safe mode with command prompt(safe mode / how to boot to safe mode,,,,,restart yor computer while pressing F8 for safe modethen followStart->Run->type ‘command’ At the prompt, type ‘net user’ which will display a list of usernames. Find the one you are looking for, try ‘net user username’ for them all. Type ‘net user /HELP’ for more info. To reset the password type (net user username *) where username is the username you want to reset. For no password, leave blank. Now, reboot and you can login as that user. enjoy

  6. generalize says:

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