I need to write a persuasive essay on a movie I think my class should watch. Does anyone know a good movie?

I am a freshman in high school and I need to write a persuasive essay. It has to be an essay persuading a teacher why I think a certain movie would be good to watch in class. It can be for English, History, or Science class. Does anyone have any movies that would be good to write the persuasive essay on and some reasons why a class should and should not watch it?

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4 Answers to “I need to write a persuasive essay on a movie I think my class should watch. Does anyone know a good movie?”

  1. myelolymphangioma says:

    Schindler’s List, Hotel Rwanda, and Roots would all be good because they give a face to historical events in our culture. They put in a context that makes it much easier for students to understand how atrocious these events were. (Schindler’s List was from the Holocaust, Hotel Rwanda from the Rwandan genocide, and Roots from the African slave trade).

  2. tieline says:

    For English class: Sylvia with Gwenyth Paltrow based off of poet Sylvia Plath’s book the Bell JarFor History class: The Patriot with Mel GibsonFor Science class: March of the Penguins

  3. agora says:

    sicko its a great documentary and spreads a lot of light on our healthcare system in our country. A great view for people on both sides of the political spectrum, that is if they have an open mind

  4. sazen says:

    History: Schindler’s ListFirst of all, it starkly portrays the reality of one of the worst human atrocities of all time, the Holocaust. Secondly though, it portrays a message of hope, that even in the face of extreme barbarity individual humans can still exercise their free will to choose to do the right thing in spite of great personal risk.English: O Brother Where Are ThouThis movie is basically a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey in a 1930′s era setting. It portrays the protagonist’s burning desire to return home to his wife after being banished by fate to prison, while having to confront all kinds of monstrous human characters to get there. George Clooney plays the Odysseus character, and John Goodman plays the Cyclops character as one of Clooney’s obstacles.It’s actually very funny. Science- 2001: A Space OdysseyKubrick’s classic portrays man’s perpetual search for meaning and the origins of his existence and human consciousness very interestingly. The plot initially revolves around the discovery of a monolith on another planet that seems to emit evidence of an intelligence, and the human mission sent to explore it. The plot soon turns into a battle of human intelligence against artificial intelligence on board the exploration spacecraft though as the spaceship’s supercomputer HAL malfunctions and the astronauts decide they must deactivate HAL, as they no longer trust its reliability. However, HAL, being artificially intelligent and conscious of its own existence, does not want to “die” when the human astronauts attempt to shut it down, and resists the astronauts. The movie becomes very suspenseful as HAL turns more and more desperate and “evil” as it attempts to survive, revealing a survival instinct just like humans possess.The movie raises an interesting question: when does artificial intelligence become “alive”? Will man eventually succeed in creating an artificial consciousness that is almost exactly like human consciousness?