What topic did you choose for your College Application Essay?

What did you write about? Did you make the essay general or personal?Did you get accepted into the college you were aspiring to?Any suggestions for someone trying to write a College Application Essay?

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2 Answers to “What topic did you choose for your College Application Essay?”

  1. extremist's says:

    I wrote about how my mom’s death changed my life and my faith.It definitely was personal and I did get accepted into my #1 choice.Whatever you write about for your essay you should write about something that means a lot to you and is personal. If you can cater your essay for each college you apply to that is even better because admissions people can usually spot a generic essay. In your essay, if you are describing an event in your life you probably want to say how that event has influenced your life and how you gained certain qualities that that college respects. If you are talking about an inspiring person then you probably want to say what it is about them that inspires you and what traits they possess that you aspire to posses as well. You may even want to say how you think attending their college will help you gain these traits.Good luck writing your essay(s)!

  2. mellifluent says:

    for one of my college essays the topic is Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence