Macbeth essay help?!?

Okay, I'm doing an essay on how Shakespeare creates irony in the play Macbeth, and I'm having trouble on how I could phrase this.If anybody knows Macbeth, then I'm trying to figure out what to use for the quote "out damned spot, out I say"This quote is made by Lady Macbeth when she is sleepwalking, and she reveals that it was her and Macbeth that were behind the murder of the King. But Lady Macbeth thought that Macbeth would be the one to reveal they committed the murder. So I don't know how I would analyze that quote. I was thinking to write 'the tables have turned' as it wasn't Macbeth who revealed it, it was Lady Macbeth the complete opposite. So im not sure if 'the tables have turned' fits. Is there any other phrases similar to that one that would fit into the context? Thank you:)

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  1. whoopie says:

    This quote is showing that Lady Macbeth is disturbed by the fact that she is responsible of a death