Did antigone and polynices have incest?

did antigone and polynices have incest?In the book now it leaves that part out but in the original it talks about antigone burrying her brother and saying all this stuff! I need those lines for an essay and i cannot find them ANYWHERE if anyone has a site where i can find them that wud be great!

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  • is antigone play about incest

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  1. chaines says:

    You can find the entire transcript of the play here: [external link] …And no, Antigone did not commit incest with her brother. There is, however, a lot of literary interpretations about incest insinuations about her and her father: [external link] …Some literary critics credit Antigone with suffering from an Electra Complex, which is the female version of the Oedipal Complex. It means that you secretly want to marry your father and kill your mother (the competition).