Language arts..persuasive essay?

for language arts were doing a persuasive essay and reading it in front of the class. i dont have a clue what's a good subject that i know a lot in 8th grade if that helps.

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  1. ammonitiferous says:

    there’s a lot of good subjects on persuasive essays. this is what im doing too :] im in eighth grade too.-parents being disruptive during sporting events [should the players be penalized]-driving age being older-having to take a drivers test again when you get older-capital punishmenthope it helps =D

  2. emancipations says:

    You need to write about something that you feel strongly about. You about a topic you really want to convince people to your way of thinking. That will make the essay writing easier.

  3. affectedly says:

    Nikki, A topic you could do is School Uniforms. You could persuade the reader that public schools should wear them. (Even if you don’t think this, it’s easier to support.) Your points could be something like these: -They would take away competition in clothing-Parents would save more money-People would judge others on their personalities, not by their clothes-Less verbal bullyingI hope I helped you out. Good luck with your essay! ~Olivia~ ♥

  4. sealers says:

    Ok…as a middle school teacher, I can tell you that 8th graders by nature are very good at arguing about EVERYTHING! lolMy advice to you would be to think about something you feel very strongly about…or think about something that you really think is unfair and you would like to see change… give your several detailed reasons why it should change, alternative solutions, etc. and BAM…you’ve got a persuasive paper.Look at current events, things going on in your neighborhood, school, etc.Here are some examples-In some communities (ex. Mall of America), students under 17 must be accompanied by a parent to the mall-Should kids play violent video games?-Drinking age?-Cell phones banished from schools?-Laws against talking on cell phones in cars?-Smoking lawsetc.Just think about what gets you really fired up…do a little research to back up your opinion…you’re good to go