Why did the Nazis cut the Jews’ hair?

Just tell me what was their reasons for cutting/ shaving the hair im doing a visual essay for my class and i need to know why they cut it off/ what they used it for.

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5 Answers to “Why did the Nazis cut the Jews’ hair?”

  1. trachea says:

    They wanted the Jews to look the same, all uniform. It was another way of stripping them of their identity.

  2. tropostereoscope says:

    There were some reasons why the Nazis cut off the Jews’ hair before they sent them into the gas chambers and then incinerated them.- Hair that burns stinks.- For those Jews who weren’t sent immediately into the gas chambers, it was a method to get better rid of lice and flees, view the very bad hygenic conditions in the concentration camps.- To humiliate the Jews.- The Nazis used Jewish hair to produce wigs, cushion fillings and many other things I don’t remember….

  3. anise says:

    The Nazis said that they didn’t want them to get lice and spread it around

  4. minutes says:

    They used it to stuff upholstered furniture.

  5. milliemes says:

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