Pros about being gay?

I am writing a pro gay marriage informal essay for english,( it's hard because my teacher is totally against Gays, so im trying to help him see the bright side.) and I was wondering what are some GOOD things about being gay? for example, more adoption= less homeless children. I need some serious answers please! and please exaplin your thoughts! thank you! :)

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  1. slumpproof says:

    Please “exaplin” how you know know you’re “teacher is totally against Gays”? It would be interesting to hear you try and “exaplin” a positive said to gay marriage. Marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman. I dont have enough to time to fully “exaplin” but let me just say there is nothing positive (no pun intended) about being gay.

  2. atmolyzer says:

    Your main argument should be based on equality. Gay relationships are really no different then straight people’s relationships, and they shouldn’t have to find PROS to being gay. We are citizens of the United States and we deserve access to the same legal rights as everyone else.If you still want PROS:- more gay adoption = less foster kids – In my own life being gay made me a much more patient and empathetic person- Marriage isn’t just a legal union, it’s also a social contract (a profession to love/honor someone else in front of all your family and friends.) I have heard gay people say that their families never treated their spouse like a member of the family until they were married, even after dating for many years or civil unions. None of those things was equal to marriage.- Marriage creates stability and greatly simplifies inheritance, health-care, power of attorney and other legal benefits. In many cases middle class and poor LGBT people are denied these legal protections. Wealthy gay people can hire a lawyer to create legal protections, but many people can’t afford to do that. Gay marriage isn’t just about civil rights and equality, but it becomes an issue of social justice, ensuring that lower-class LGBT couples have access to many basic legal rights.

  3. pueblos says:

    No pregnancyNot having to buy tamponsBeing ultrafabulous

  4. GL-INFO says:

    by observation, gays have more successful relationships than straights.

  5. Eumolpus says:

    Yes adoption is a good example. As far as gay marriage goes I suggest looking up 15th amendment to the constitution which states that the government can’t discriminate against a group for a predisposition, something that they are born with. Because being homosexual is a genetic trait if falls under the protection of predisposition.If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I am gay and in college right now.

  6. tribeship says:

    More open minded , more fabulous, we have style ok, lol time to be a little more serious.When some who is gay comes out, they usually mature more as humans and are more open minded and understanding. I guess your unique in a way and have a higher individuality since being gay isn’t something that just happens over night, your born with it. Um you can wear really sexy clothes, not ignorant, ( usually) , you know yourself more, don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnacies Other then that, I don’t think orientation really has a huge effect on you, its just who you are.

  7. teinder says:

    honestly..its the same as being straight minus the fact we cant marry.i hate how people always ask this or “whats it like being gay?!” uhhh ..well The same as being straight! its not like were in secret clubs or do stuff..cause last time i checked, i live with my boyfriend, i go to college, We both have jobs (me at a store, and he has an office job) we grocery shop like the average american couple, go out to the movies..have friends (straight friends at that!) Go to the park, go out to dinner, spend time with family…mow the grass…just like straight couples. the only thing we have different about us is the majority of us are in love with someone and we cant get married or adopt children. If our partner is seriously sick we may have trouble being with them in the hospital. …and the worst..half of society things were sick people …yet….were JUST the same as straight people.

  8. subdepository says:

    no sex no pregnancy no mean men on the occasion

  9. Anguilla says:

    I think being more open-minded is a big one. Not having to worry about pregnancy is nice too.

  10. unsystematically says:

    Lesbians actually have the most well-off (education and upbringing-wise) children.The population size will decrease considerably if everyone can feel free to get out of the closet and be their true gay or lesbian selves! You should also mention that the stereotype of gay men being bar and club-whores is a lie. It’s not like straight people don’t do worse, isn’t it? And plus, there’s one key factor about gay men…they’re MEN. But should that mean that they can’t have REAL relationships not based on getting each other off? Not at all!

  11. uninsolvent says:

    5 Reasons to be Gay: [external link]

  12. foreset says:

    there are pros to being gay ?[edited] you know whats sad. majority of you are saying how you don’t have to worry about pregnancy like pregnancy is the worse thing imaginable. its actually a beautiful thing when the lady of your life is giving birth to your child. a gay will never know what it like. anyone can adopt a random child it takes a man and a woman to make that child.