Should population (growth) be controlled or not?

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  1. voumard says:

    hello,The myth of global overpopulation has been widely discredited not by opinion but by statics of falling population numbers in the western countries of Europe and the Americas.The populations of wealthy western countries has been declining due to lowering birthrates. This lower birthrate is attributed to voluntary lifestyle choices in these more affluent societies. These lower population numbers are happening in spite of increasing immigration into western Europe and America. As a result the population demographics of these countries is increasingly older and foreign born.The trend toward smaller family size is a reflection of the higher living standards in these countries. People of these countries expect to maintain their high standard of living by postponing or limiting the number of children that they have.In contrast to this voluntary limitation to large familys, the country of China has had a one child policy for many years.As a way of limiting the growth of the population and in theory limiting the strain of their national resources, the Chinese govt has hoped that this policy would help the economic growth of the country. However the policy while being in place for some time has not as much effect as the economic reforms, allowing capitalism and increasing private property rights withing the country.There are still exploding population growths in underdeveloped countries especially in africa, where families have many children in an attempt to offset the high infant mortality rate that is a consequence of poverty and low living standards.Artificaly imposed plans to limit population growth are immoral and unnessessary. They do nothing to raise the living standards of those that they are intended to help, and they serve to destabilize and make societies vulnerable to a declining quality of life……………………………………please pick mine 4 Best answerthin~Qu r sweet if u do

  2. Mbaya says:

    It is always controlled in one way or another. Lack of food and water is the final controller.

  3. precontrives says:

    I wanted to pick the other answer but I forgot your answer is gaytown. Report Abuse