Can someone quickly proof my essay?

I'm a sophomore, so keep that in mind. It's about Nazi propaganda. This would really help me out. I've been told that I need to give some more background information on the Nazis in my introduction, and relate my conclusion back to Nazi propaganda again. I also need to find a way to shorten my 3rd body paragraph.I'm sorry if my opinions offend anyone, but thanks for the feedback.Imagine a job description that includes justifying genocide, euthanasia, dehumanization, and other unimaginable atrocities. In the Third Reich, from 1933 to 1945, any propagandist working for the Nazi party would have attempted to defend the state’s inhumane actions and immoral beliefs, using posters, radio broadcasts, speeches and literature. The Reich Ministry of Propaganda, headed by Joseph Goebbels, created a propaganda campaign that was so successful that most of Germany was unaware or actively supported the ongoing travesties. By deceiving the German population, brainwashing its youth, and convincing the people that the party’s actions were acceptable, Nazi propaganda eventually had a negative impact on the development of western civilization. One important purpose Nazi propaganda served was to mislead people and hide many of the government’s actions. Propagandists often "cast Germany as a victim or potential victim of foreign aggressors, a peace-loving nation forced to protect its populace or defend European civilization against Communism" ("The Propaganda of Deception," par. 1). This image was used as an excuse for a multitude of the transgressions Nazis committed, including the persecution of particular groups of people. When the German citizens discovered that their country might be in danger, they were willing to accept whatever the government chose to do, because of the illusion that every one of their actions was necessary to defend Germany. Furthermore, they were never able to hear the other side of things from other countries because the media was heavily censored. This allowed the Nazi party to guarantee that their people thought the government was an innocent victim. An even more important thing the Nazis needed to cover up were the happenings in the concentration camps, so oftentimes, "Concentration camp… officials compelled prisoners, many of whom would soon die in the gas chambers, to send postcards home stating that they were being treated well and living in good conditions" ("Nazi Propaganda (2)," par. 8). Most of Germany, and even the rest of the world, was completely unaware of the genocide occurring in these camps because the government used prisoner-made propaganda to conceal their actions. If a person received word that a family member who had been deported was safe, they would never find a need to question what actually happened in the camps. Because almost nobody suspected the actual conditions, the Nazis were able to keep their death factories open for much longer, which equates to more lives lost. The Nazi party relied heavily on propaganda to cover up their actions so they could continue to do whatever they wanted to. Perhaps the most commonly targeted audience of Nazi propaganda was the children in Germany. Hitler sought to control every idea a child was taught, so "By 1937, 97% of all teachers belonged to the National Socialist Teacher’s Union," and taught from "Textbooks [that] reflected the aims of Hitler" (Lisciotto, par. 8). The government knew that because almost all of the teachers supported the Nazi regime, they would be willing to teach the most important Nazi ideas, including racial theory and anti-Semitism. By primarily teaching these subjects, the Nazi messages would become engrained in the young peoples’ minds at the point in their lives when they begin to formulate opinions of their own. Therefore, the government knew that as the children grew up, they would support the Nazis because they were never exposed to any other ways of thinking. This system allowed government officials to believe that the Nazi party in the Third Reich would be in power for a very long time. Another way the Nazis were able to force their opinions on the youth of the nation was through the Hitler Youth, which "Was seen as being as important to a child as school was" ("The Hitler Youth," par. 1). By 1936, all children between the ages of 10 and 18 were expected, and eventually required to attend the Hitler Youth group meetings, where the boys prepared for military service, and the girls prepared for motherhood. By forcing all children to attend the Nazi meetings, the government was able to further regulate what children were being taught, and essentially were able to tell them how and what to think. Brainwashing the youth with Nazi beliefs was an incredibly dangerous thing to do because it heavily skewed the German children’s concept of right and wrong. Not only that, but this forced doctrine eliminated the youth’s opportunity to think freely and question the behaviors and convictions of the Nazi pa

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