Do you learn more from doing an essay or a test?

No one likes doing either, I know. But have you found that by doing an essay you process the information better than doing a test that you memorize answers for?

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4 Answers to “Do you learn more from doing an essay or a test?”

  1. unsovereign says:

    Essays. It is proven that you soak more info when you are writing it down.

  2. finansa says:


  3. counteraffirm says:

    Depends. It may be a gender thing. I learnt better at school/college/Uni by doing coursework. I’m female (obviously). Boys/young men apparently learn better by rote, like learning dates of battles off by heart. I learnt very few subjects by rote when I was a kid (apart from the periodic table, I enjoyed that) and now, ten years on, I can’t remember a great deal of what I learned as a teenager, although I still remember a lot of what I learned through coursework in my early twenties and also things I learnt from just reading and engaging. However, my dad (50 years old) grew up in a very different educational environment to mine (I’m 25), where he had to learn everything by memory. He still remembers complicated equations from his exams as a teenager and has an excellent memory for facts and figures, especially anything technical. I hope that I’m not coming across as sexist here by the way, but different people have different ways of learning, and the times have really changed how things are taught.I personally think the best trick is to read a lot first and engage thoroughly in what you are learning. Of course it helps if you enjoy the subject. I loved English literature and History and remember a lot, but hated Maths and basically have forgotten almost everything and don’t care to pick up my algebra books again, if I’m honest.

  4. nosologically says:

    essays cause you take the time on your own to learn it